IN THE MOOD is always interested in finding talented musicians, singers, dancers, and technical people. All resumes/audio-video clips/cover letters/references etc need to be emailed to: 


Singers and Dancers

Please send your resume with references and any audio/video clips (preferably something 1930s/1940s big band era).   Female singers need to be a minimum of 5’7″ (no heels) and a maximum of 5’9 1/2″ tall.   Dress sizes 2/4/6/8.  Female dancers generally are 5’1″ to 5’5″.   Male singers and dancers can be 5’8″ to 6’2″ tall.  All performers need to move well and the 2 swing dancers need to be able to handle 1940s style swing dancing.  Partnering experience is a big plus.   This show contains music of the 1930s/1940s so we do not need the contemporary Broadway sound.  Rich sounding baritones/bari-tenors/tenors are what we are after.  Ladies need to be in the mezzo/alto range with a sultry sound. The style of the big band female singers was generally in the lower ranges.  Good to listen to such singers as Helen Forrest, Bea Wain, Helen O’Connell, Anita O’Day, The Andrews Sisters and others on YouTube.  Men singers listen to Bob Eberly, Ray Eberle, Dick Haymes, Bob Cornell, and of course Frank!


Please send your resume with references and any audio/video clips (preferably something 1930s/1940s big band era). Trumpets/trombones/saxophones (double clarinet and flute), drums and stand-up string bass (no electric).  We need musicians that are excellent sight-readers and are comfortable and experienced in playing the style of the 1930s/1940s big bands.   Experience in that type of environment is a big plus.

Technical staff

Lighting directors, production managers, sound engineers and wardrobe supervisors  – please send a cover letter, resume and references.   We need technical people who are very flexible and adaptable to many different venues.  As we do mostly short stays at theaters each day can be a new adventure. We carry our own soundboard (Venue SC48) and an ETC Express light board. Sound engineers need to be well versed in the use of headset wireless microphones/transmitters, etc.