Wow!! 25 years of touring – it’s hard to believe that IN THE MOOD has traveled East/West/North/South – all over our great country – 48 states (2 to go). And then 4 tours of Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Europe. Big cities and small towns make us realize how fortunate we all are to do what we all love to do. Through the years over 500 artists – singers/dancers/musicians and technicians have made it all happen. It has been a true pleasure to perform with some of the most talented and gracious people I know. Much applause to all involved with IN THE MOOD – past and present.

But where would we be without our audiences. Young and old alike everywhere continue to be thrilled as we relive the great music of the 1930s/1940s – the big band era. So thank you to all those who have taken a moment out of their daily lives to experience this jazzy, brassy, romantic and nostalgic show. All of us on the stage can feel the energy, see the smiles and even tears as this American music releases emotions for all in attendance and especially the part of the show that pays homage to our veterans – all heroes.

And for those that have never been to see IN THE MOOD – this show aspires to promote the memory of this most significant time in American history and continues to inspire audiences of all generations. For over 2 hours this big retro event holds you enthralled with its singers, dancers and period costumes, fine orchestral arrangements, vocalists delivering songs from the 30s and 40s, choreographed dance routines and sheer American pizzazz!

So after 25 years we have decided to take one year off as a break - but do not fear as IN THE MOOD is getting ready for our upcoming Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 tours. And this will include a 5th National Tour of Australia in October. Our great Aussie audiences and friends will get to experience IN THE MOOD once again in major cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth as well as dozens of performances in other towns and communities. We have been told that we have seen more of Australia than most Aussies. One time to Australia was exciting - but five times is just unbelievable! We are most grateful to those who bring us to the land down under and support us all along the way. Goodonya!

Please drop us a note at with any questions or suggestions about future performances.

And I would be remiss in not recognizing and thanking our very talented director/choreographer who has been with IN THE MOOD for the past 10 years – Alex Sanchez, a veteran of 10 Broadway shows. It is a pleasure to watch a pro at work making IN THE MOOD come alive each year.

We are America's favorite big band musical – there’s nothing like it out there. It has been our thrill to continue the great tradition of the big bands as we celebrate America.

Bud Forrest, Creator and Producer


IN THE MOOD is currently putting together our 2020 Fall and 2021 Winter/Spring tours. So you do not miss out, please contact Jim Murtha at to see what would be the best date to visit your venue and for any other information.

    • "Seeing IN THE MOOD isn't an option. You must. See this show, and you will not only increase your musical knowledge repertoire, but you will feed your soul!"
    • "A fantastic evening and definitely one of the best shows ever!!!!!"
    • "Just returned home from your show at the Eisemann in RIchardson TX... WOW!!!!! Checked your schedule and emailed our friends in the cities you will appear in that they have to go see it." jerry and maureen diem
    • "Wow! I was so impressed. Also touched, felt patriotic, humbled and elated. Fantastic performance – thank you so much."

    Meet the Cast & Crew

    IN THE MOOD tours with an amazing cast of performers and a world class production staff from all over the U.S. and we are looking forward to entertaining our fans that are returning to see the show again (some for the 8th time!) and those that are coming for the first time.


    IN THE MOOD is a celebration of the music of the 1930s & 40s – the Big Band era. It was the last time that all Americans were listening and dancing to the same kind of music. With our live sensational 13 piece String of Pearls Big Band Orchestra and our fabulous IN THE MOOD Singers and Dancers, the great melodies and lyrics that are still with us today are presented in a musical revue that is jazzy, sentimental, rhythmic, nostalgic and patriotic – all happening at the same time. With music arrangements, costumes and choreography IN THE MOOD is as authentic as it gets.